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Not a "9-to-5" company. We deliver creative solutions. We service whenever needed.

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Manage your office. Don't manage your vendors.

With so many options, it is easy to lose sight. We provide tailored analyses, and you make the choices.

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Research, analysis, communication and collaboration

We have solutions to streamline your operation. Safeguarding and privacy of data are only the beginning.

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What We Offer



Providing a full suite of connectivity services, hardware, cable, WiFi, software, metrics, project management or analysis.

Creative Solutions

Design, plan, implement or install. Your project, our service – even if you are already in a middle stage of implementation.

IT Due Diligence

Specialty in research, development, system optimization, or investment thesis alignment for target company.

With Signal IntelGrow Your Business

Our combined 30+ years of consulting experience in tech, finance, multi-family offices, hospitality and business can offer you unique insights.

Let our experts offer you creative solutions to your problems.

Cyber security? Check.

Automation? Check.

Monitoring and remote connectivity? No problem.

Real-Time network monitoring is just the value-add of our IT services.



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Exclusive Clients

Our Services


Finance & Banking

With experience in a variety of financial roles, our consulting services can scale institutional-size solutions for your boutique firm. We provide custom support services, FIPS, SOX, NYSB compliant. Remote, VPN, fast-access low-latency connections, run cabling for your new office or install a battery backed-up IT closet.

Family Office

Signal Intel serves small and multi-family offices with the utmost privacy, security and discretion. We are a trusted partner of NY area family offices whom depend on our exclusive consult services. We can outsource technology, services or be your trusted per-diem CTO. Our business continuity depends on untarnished, zero-complaint reputation.


We provide Tech Audit and company-wide site-wide valuation services. WiFi, crypto-lock defense, privacy and white-hat testing services. Whether for yours, or a potential acquisition target company – we can offer evaluation services.

IT Audits

Save money, employee labor-hours. Our IT analysis can reveal waste, opportunities or new efficiencies. We can even code, design APIs, or modify existing OS. Tell us your platform. Office suite, VBA, Python, PHP, Java or .NET – we are familiar with them all.


A private blockchain? Asset encryption, real-time monitoring or immutable ownership record. Investment participation and recording? Cutting edge technology solutions, ported from blockchain technology space into real-world useful applications.


Signal Intel provides outsourced IT or technical services to hospitality clients. We are familiar with all aspects of hardware, software, POS, credit card processing, financial reporting and reservation database systems. We are known by your contracted technology or software vendors. We work with them – not against them.

A simple call or an email to help you maintain or grow your business

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